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Talk Normal, Pterodactyl, Antimagic
Cake Shop
8:00 PM, $8, 21+

Well I had a great time interviewing Talk Normal, and our writer Helen Buyniski claims their live set is awesome, but I’ve yet to see them perform, so I figure no better time than their Sugarland record release party! Visually they’re interesting: drummer Andrya Ambro uses all sorts of unusual objects to augment her percussion, and apparently this noise duo really works a show into a hypnotic drive. Plus, with Pterodactyl opening, it’s bound to be an intense party!

FRI, OCT. 30

Pissed Jeans, Awesome Color, Drunkdriver, Sleepies
(le) poisson rouge
6:00 PM, $5, all ages

Ye be warned! This is a NYU-sponsored show. But I, for one, don’t care, really. I’m mostly just impressed that NYU is going so hard. It seems very much in the Halloween spirit to go out and get bludgeoned by sound, and lord knows Pissed Jeans and Awesome Color know how to ravage a space with noise. To be honest, the psychedelic sounds of Awesome Color are a bit more my style than Pissed Jeans, plus I already know that I love their live show. (I was blown away by their set at Market Hotel this summer.) And on another note, after learning so much about Sleepies last week, I feel like I should see them in action, too.

The Green Berets
10:00 PM, $10/$15, 18+

Sometimes a story is enough to get you excited about a band without ever hearing them. And you probably haven’t had too many chances to hear The Green Berets, since their music isn’t available digitally or on CD, and their vinyl isn’t easy to come by either. I just found out that this weekend the guys from 60s Chicago soul group The Green Berets, who were separated after Vietnam, are getting back together to perform for the first time in decades at the Dig Deeper concert. They actually recorded under four different names in the sixties and it was only recently discovered that these four were all the same band. If the idea of lost and found soul groups isn’t enough to lure you to a show, check out a few of their tracks, available only for listening on the Dig Deeper myspace page.

SAT, OCT. 31

The King Khan & BBQ Show, Dum Dum Girls
The Bell House
7:30 PM, $15, 21+

Whaa! The King Khan and BBQ Show are one of my favorite live acts, period. If you don’t like costumes and antics don’t go. (But if you don’t like costumes and antics you probably shouldn’t go anywhere tonight.) But if you like feel-good, doo-wop-inspired songs straight out of the garage, played by a sullen dude in a turban and an over-the-top showman in a wig, tiny underwear and a sparkly tank top, then you should definitely book it on over to The Bell House. Brace yourself for joyously rowdy fans and a girl who shoots fire out of her vagina.

by Erin Sheehy

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