Devo Deep Cuts


I had another topic ready for this week’s Hidden Gems, but then Devo went and released their first studio album in 20 years on Tuesday. I haven’t been able to concentrate on much that’s not Devo-related since. So here’s four less-than-obvious Devo songs you should check out.

“The Day My Baby Gave Me […]

#25: Insane Clown Posse


Last week, we talked about a brief resurgence in popularity of 30s and 40s big band music, aka “Swing.” Swing was wildly popular for a hot minute, the bands critically accepted (if not always acclaimed), and lots of hip people dumped lots of money into zoot suits, dance lessons and the various other […]

The Numero Group


Over the past five years or so, the Chicago-based Numero Group label has established itself as one of the best reissue labels on the market. Numbering each release in a manner similar to the DVD giants at the Criterion Collection, the label’s crate-digging efforts have revived the excellent work of a few has-beens […]

Twin Sister, Lost Boy, Data Dog @ Glasslands | 5.28.10

FREE Williamsburg

LIVE JOURNAL @ Glasslands May 28, 2010 | Twin Sister, Lost Boy, Data Dog

By the time the doors opened for Twin Sister‘s record release party at Glasslands on Friday at nine, there was already a line of several dozen young folks snaking down Kent Street (Note to bands: want people […]

Jezebel Music Feature Show TONIGHT!

Atomic Tom, New Politics @ The Studio at Webster Hall | 5.20.10

LIVE JOURNAL @ The Studio at Webster Hall May 20, 2010 | Atomic Tom, New Politics

You know those neighborhood bands that rehearse in garages and there’s always that one cool mom who doesn’t mind the noise and just wants them to play music whenever they want? And once in a while she […]

#23: Unorthodox Packaging


In an age where fewer and fewer people are buying new music, it helps to have your record housed in a distinct package. Everyone can do jewel cases, and frankly, what’s the point of them? If you’re anything like me, you live in a small apartment in Brooklyn, and if you buy a […]

Sleigh Bells | Treats

FRESH BAKED Sleigh Bells Treats 2010 | Mom + Pop/N.E.E.T. Recordings A

The internet hype-cycle can be a fickle thing. Either you live up to the acclaim like The Strokes did back in 2001, or you don’t and get completely screwed over like the Black Kids a few years ago, or you just find yourself […]