Dear Comrade | Self-Titled EP

FRESH BAKED Dear Comrade Dear Comrade EP 2010 | Unsigned A-

I wanted deeply, in my heart of hearts, to not compare Dear Comrade to stellastarr*. But I truly think, even had I not known that Dear Comrade is the work of stellastarr* drummer/keyboardist Arthur Kremer (with the help of Emmett Aiello on […]

The Boys of Summer


It’s summertime. Let’s sing about it!

The Beach Boys | “Don’t Go Near The Water” (from Surf’s Up)

No American band has said more about the importance of catching waves and spending time at the beach than the oft-underrated/overrated/underrated again Beach Boys. In 1971, the Boys kicked off their Surf’s Up album […]

#26: Punk Ska


I often find myself, in conversation, bemoaning the portion of Detroit’s storied history in which I was born and raised. Born almost twenty years too late to witness Motown first hand, even the MC5 and the Stooges were long gone before my time, having disbanded seven and five years before my birthday, respectively.


Charlie Faye


When Charlie Faye, a New York native now based in Austin, played Rockwood Music Hall earlier this month, it was at the midpoint of a ten-month tour whose concept is pretty much unprecedented: to support her new album Wilson St., she’s playing ten cities – and living […]

Wavves | King of the Beach

FRESH BAKED Wavves King of the Beach 2010 | Fat Possum B+

“I’m stuck in the sky / I’m never coming down,” shouts Nathan Williams on “Linus Spacehead.” It’s more of a sneer really—the bratty whine of a kid who still feels invincible. It was that kind of mentality that landed Williams, better known […]

stellastarr* | “Jenny”

ART OF SONG stellastarr* “Jenny” stellastarr* RCA | 2003

It’s summertime, and the bars on the Lower East Side have seemed more crowded than ever, drenched in the uniquely cloying smell of sweat and desperation…something you don’t seem to notice as much in the winter. People want to get laid in the summer, I can […]

Pissed Jeans @ Cakeshop | 6.18.10

Photo by Matthew Fairbank

LIVE JOURNAL @ Cakeshop June 18, 2010 | Pissed Jeans

Last Friday night at the Cake Shop, Allentown, PA’s Pissed Jeans played a twenty-six minute set to a room hot enough to roast marshmallows off people’s skin. Stuffed to the point that you were drinking beer evaporating off the […]

The Exciters | “He’s Got the Power”

ART OF SONG The Exciters “He’s Got the Power” He’s Got the Power b/w Drama of Love United Artists | 1963′

During my last semester at college, I had a radio show on called HIGH-CLASS & BAD-ASS. Mostly a garage rock venture, I explored a lot of older music for it, and it left […]