Dear Comrade | Self-Titled EP

FRESH BAKED Dear Comrade Dear Comrade EP 2010 | Unsigned A-

I wanted deeply, in my heart of hearts, to not compare Dear Comrade to stellastarr*. But I truly think, even had I not known that Dear Comrade is the work of stellastarr* drummer/keyboardist Arthur Kremer (with the help of Emmett Aiello on […]

stellastarr* | “Jenny”

ART OF SONG stellastarr* “Jenny” stellastarr* RCA | 2003

It’s summertime, and the bars on the Lower East Side have seemed more crowded than ever, drenched in the uniquely cloying smell of sweat and desperation…something you don’t seem to notice as much in the winter. People want to get laid in the summer, I can […]

The Exciters | “He’s Got the Power”

ART OF SONG The Exciters “He’s Got the Power” He’s Got the Power b/w Drama of Love United Artists | 1963′

During my last semester at college, I had a radio show on called HIGH-CLASS & BAD-ASS. Mostly a garage rock venture, I explored a lot of older music for it, and it left […]

The New | “High Life”

ART OF SONG The New “High Life” Untitled Self-Released | 2010

“The New” didn’t exactly offer me a lot to work with. The title of the album this song is on, for example? No idea. Not a one. Although, if they want to hit me up for suggestions, I think I’d be good at that. […]

The Powergoats | “Emily Haines (On My Car Stereo)”

ART OF SONG The Powergoats “Emily Haines (On My Car Stereo)” Moonlit Crimes Jampops Records (Self-Released) | 2010

I’m a sucker for clever song titles. I think it’s the only reason I listened to Fall Out Boy. Oh yeah, that and because me singing “This Ain’t A Scene” REALLY annoyed my friends. Anyway, “Emily […]

Emma Pollock | “Hug the Harbor”

ART OF SONG Emma Pollock “Hug the Harbor” The Law of Large Numbers Chemikal Underground | 2010

Emma Pollock is a very trusting lady. In “Hug the Harbour,” she refers to you, yes, that’s right YOU. And though you should have “hugged the harbour,” which would have “avoided all the disaster,” there are still “all […]

Atomic Suplex | “Rock & Roll Must Die”

ART OF SONG Atomic Suplex “Rock & Roll Must Die” Rock & Roll Must Die 7 Frantic City Records | 2010

My god, it’s just been Valentine’s day. We need, or at the very least, I need, something shameless. Loud and absolutely goddamn shameless.

I don’t know if they celebrate Valentine’s day in England. I […]

The Routes | “Do What’s Right By You”

ART OF SONG The Routes “Do What’s Right By You” Do What’s Right By You Dirty Water Records | 2010

In my blind, ignorant times, as I held fast to 2003 and prayed the Soledad Brothers would get back together, I sometimes felt that garage rock was dead. It’s not, obviously. But bear with me […]