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Talk Normal, Pterodactyl, Antimagic Cake Shop 8:00 PM, $8, 21+ Well I had a great time interviewing Talk Normal, and our writer Helen Buyniski claims their live set is awesome, but I’ve yet to see them perform, so I figure no better time than their Sugarland […]

Prince Rainbow, The Bright Lights, The Sugarplums @ Cake Shop | 8.26.09

LIVE JOURNAL @ Cake Shop August 26, 2009 | Prince Rainbow, The Bright Lights, The Sugarplums

The Bright Lights, photo by Thomas Wilk

Rachel Shallue, lead singer from Baltimore’s The Sugarplums, has the smallest feet on the East Coast. An attempt to fit more than two lemons inside one of her shoes […]

Lovvers @ Cake Shop | 7.16.09

LIVE JOURNAL @ Cake Shop July 16, 2009 | Lovvers

photo by Michelle Cable

Maybe you don’t like to tell strangers all the dirty details about your nighttime adventures, but I sure do! So I’m gonna really spill guts about my first time with Lovvers last week. They were fast and rough right […]