Kleenex Girl Wonder


Three cheers for Kleenex Girl Wonder, one of my all time favorite bands. Singer and writer Graham Smith has a deep, primordial grasp of the whole fuzz folk lo-fi thing that seems to constantly elude the other guys and lead them astray. With eleven full-length albums under […]

Robyn | “Dancing On My Own”

ART OF SONG Robyn “Dancing On My Own” Body Talk Pt. 1 Konichiwa | 2010

Robyn was the reason my best friend in sixth grade came out of the closet. One summer afternoon in 1996, he and I were jumping on his enormous backyard trampoline, screaming along to “Show Me Love” like we always […]

Larry the Junkman | The Thing + The Vortex

Photo Credit: Alexander Perrelli

Welcome to the first edition of Stomping Grounds, a new column focused on neighborhood venues and music establishments, and the proprietors that make them unique. Free ideas, charming characters, and some friendly incentive to get off your computer and onto the street.

STOMPING GROUNDS The Thing 1001 Manhattan Avenue Greenpoint, […]

This Week In Shows (Haiti Benefit Concerts)


Alright, I usually write a little blurb about each show I’m recommending, you know, arguing for why you should check it out. But this week I’m recommending these shows all for the same reason: each of them is a benefit for the relief efforts in Haiti. Hopefully you see something […]

No Eye Contact

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT NYC At the risk of relinquishing my last shred of dignity, I sat down to interview the core members of No Eye Contact. To say that I am a groupie is an understatement. No Eye Contact – whose ever-shifting members have finally united to tour – is one of the best bands to […]

The Babies, True Womanhood, Total Slacker, Beach Fossils, Sundelles @ Glasslands | 1.06.10

LIVE JOURNAL JezebelMusic.com @ Glasslands January 6, 2010 | The Babies, True Womanhood, Total Slacker, Beach Fossils, Sundelles

[All images copyright 2010 Rachel Oakes]

Last Wednesday, an adorable swarm of stripey-teed, bespectacled Williamsburgers filed in to Glasslands for bands whose very monikers spoke volumes to the nature […]

Savoir Adore

photo by Mardi Miskit LOCAL SPOTLIGHT NYC One thing to keep in mind before the New Year – it pays to play it by ear. Last week I sprinted to meet Savoir Adore at the Bedford stop a few (40) minutes late, and found Deidre, Paul, and David chatting contentedly over beers. With […]


LOCAL SPOTLIGHT NYC If repetition is the father of learning, then Susu has a lot to teach. Their forlorn guitar melodies, simple vocal arrangements, and lyrical mantras crown in waves of unadulterated, kickass rock-outs. With the additional treats of electronic drums, whistling, and creatively placed gutteral cries, they set themselves apart from the average […]