Pissed Jeans @ Cakeshop | 6.18.10

Photo by Matthew Fairbank


JezebelMusic.com @ Cakeshop June 18, 2010 | Pissed Jeans

Last Friday night at the Cake Shop, Allentown, PA’s Pissed Jeans played a twenty-six minute set to a room hot enough to roast marshmallows off people’s skin. Stuffed to the point that you were drinking beer evaporating off the […]

Light Asylum @ Death by Audio | 5.1.10

LIVE JOURNAL JezebelMusic.com @ Death by Audio May 1, 2010 | Light Asylum

If you’re hunting for dark, queer electro bands in Brooklyn, Light Asylum should be flashing on your radar. Loosely associated with other electronic locals like Mirror Mirror and Omega Jarden, the duo Light Asylum are industrial house veterans, having […]

How Long Is It Gonna Take For You To Find The Maine Coons?


Listening to the Maine Coons is like never getting fully dressed in the morning, marching down to McCarren Park to meet some friends, getting well-oiled on Tecates in 65 degree weather, calling it a day, crashing in a San Loco to eat a burrito the size of two hamsters, and stealing a […]

Wild Yaks @ Union Hall | 1.27.10

LIVE JOURNAL JezebelMusic.com @ Union Hall January 27, 2010 | Wild Yaks

The adventure brings us to Union Hall, land of unisex bathrooms and Bocce ball jokes, like, what did the Bocce ball say to Mick Jagger? Or what did Mick Jagger say to the Bocce ball when they were hanging out with the […]

Mirror Mirror & Omega Jardens @ Glasslands | 1.26.10

Photo by Thomas Wilk

LIVE JOURNAL JezebelMusic.com @ Glasslands January 26, 2010 | Mirror Mirror, Omega Jardens

Around the coldest January corner in Williamsburg nests Glasslands, a barn full of glitter and darkwave music. On January 26th, 2010, local arts impresario Todd Pendu brought DJs from Chicago and two local bands, Omega Jarden and […]

Alphabet City: B is for Booty Crisis!

Hello! I’m your booty nurse. Listen, we need to talk. You’re having a booty crisis and you need help. Honey, all that sad energy stored in your tukkus is making your bottom unhappy. What you need is a booty-cation on Planet Rump. So, get ready to blast off!

Nurse Jezebel: Under any circumstances […]

Alphabet City: A is for Appalachian Music (and secret museums)

photo by O. Mullick

Welcome, alpha-denizens! Each week in “Alphabet City” I will examine an aspect of local music that corresponds with a letter in the alphabet. The first installment, “A,” takes a look at Appalachian music, since many New York bands, from indie folksters to traditional country musicians, often describe some aspect […]


LIVE JOURNAL JezebelMusic.com @ Glasslands October 4, 2009 | Tayisha Busay, Cherie Lily, Planet Rump

In a barn down by the river, skinny white boys spray glitter aerosol into their hair, and girls in bloomer dresses step spritely through theatrical smoke. An electric yellow kiddie pool is full of Sour Patch kids, […]